Nas board upgrade

Hello there!, The Storage Server received a lot of updates or rather an makeover. Basically just the disks stayed the same (for now). However the board is a rather old one on the market.

But the lack of new options made be purchase this old one from 2017:
Supermicro A2SDi-4C-HLN4F

Previosly i used the ASRock J4125-ITX. I wanted to have more Sata ports. I could use 8 now instead of 4, but im planning with 4 or 5 drives + nvme long-term. Biggest Difference is the PCIe 3x4 port where i put a GPU in. The Sff port is also pretty neat. It reduces the clutter when using 4 or 5 seperate Sata cables which are very stiff aswell. One of the downsites is the lack of USB 3 in the back or as a panel header on the board. So one is left with a single USB-A port inside. Very inconvenient when trying a few things out from Thumbsticks. I will put an adapter there later.