Boot disk replaced

Copyied configs over from the ever so slightly failing Patriot SSD to the M.2. Disabled all Sata ports aswell only using SFF for now.

That means “full speed” lanes now. PCIe x4 to be shared between the SX 8200, SFF and the Quadro p400, yikes :-) With full Sata and SFF, making it 8 usable Sata ports you only get x2 on PCIe. I still think that doesnt matter at all because the gpu dont need that bandwitdh but im not planning on using more than 4 disks anyway so onboard Sata 1-4 is disabled now. Currenlty cloning the new boot disk with Clonezilla dd. Better safe than sorry, right? And i like having a copy after the important things all set up and running.